NMBA Takes Aggressive Developmental Step; Joins Junior NBA Program for Spring of 2015

 The Northside Minor Basketball Association continues its push to offer developmental programs to Fredericton youth.

 Already immersed and preparing for its third year with the popular Steve Nash Youth Basketball program from October through early March, the NMBA has opted to add another program for 2015.

 The Lions will join forces with Junior NBA Canada to provide basketball fundamental programs for young five to seven-years-old. The program will actually be offered beginning late March of 2015 and run through mid-April.

 Registration and fees will be announced later in the fall.

 The NMBA met with Junior NBA officials out of Toronto in late spring.

The Jr. NBA research concludes that in Canada, the average basketball starting age is 8.6 as opposed to soccer and hockey at 5.7 and swimming at 3.8.

The Jr. NBA targets girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 7 who are keen on learning the essential basketball skills using a learner-focused curriculum. The program can consist of a dozen 45 minute practices that are compliant with Canadian Sport 4 Life and is aligned with Canada Basketball's Developmental Pathway. 

 The Jr. NBA has been established in Asia, Africa and America and is now being rolled out across Canada.


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